Eco-Friendly Construction

Do your bit for planet earth

Insisting on green-built materials will help save the environment

There is no justification for damaging the environment when creating our plethora of wonderful worktops as they can be fashioned sustainably.

The Products

In our minds, the environment always comes first. Granite Transformations Nottingham is an eco-friendly company that crafts its worktops in a manner that causes minimal damage to the planet. We always preference recycling over utilising raw materials when bringing our quartz, granite and recycled glass products to life. Upcycling is another sign of our on-going commitment to the environment such as when we upcycled SKYY® Vodka bottles and transformed them into our trademark glass mosaic tiles. Restricting the use of raw materials has been largely responsible for us being able to keep our worktops to just ¼” thick. Their slenderness makes it incredibly easy to apply them over existing units and we also boast a post-consumer recycled content of 78%.

The Process

We’re only as sustainable as we are because of the inventive eco-friendly production and manufacturing processes we use:

Water consumption is minimised as we have an advanced water recycling system. Recycled glass is a key component in all our worktops. Demolition plays no part in the installation phase as we apply work surfaces over existing surfaces . The worktops are very easy to transport as they’re incredibly lightweight. We’re fortunate enough to have close links with many of the world’s best environmental organisations, architects and designers

The Perfection

As part of our determination to perfect our products, we try to cause the minimum of harm to the planet. We’re always recycling and giving a new life to so-called waste materials as that’s what’s required to proclaim ourselves as a sustainable outfit. Others have shared our commitment to recycling and decided to “choose to walk with the world” as they understand the importance of being green as much as we do. You will far more content knowing that you are making a difference to the world.

The extent of our eco-friendliness has been recognised by the U.S Green Building Council and also helps make us eligible for LEED points via GREENGUARD.

Our Benefits

Who would have thought that products created in such a sustainable fashion could be so aesthetically-pleasing? Just because they contain recycled glass doesn’t mean they will have limited impact on your kitchen or bathroom. On the contrary, they will make a big splash that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Being eco-friendly also hasn’t prevented us from ensuring that our worktops are stain, scratch and heat-resistant. They also won’t need any resealing or maintenance in the future as the sealing formula ForeverSeal® has been included in their design to further safeguard their performance.

It doesn’t which worktop you buy from Granite Transformations Nottingham, you’re still guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Scratch and stain-resistant
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • Fits over existing surfaces
  • Fast, easy, no-mess installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Surfaces never need sealing
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • NSF certified
  • Trained, professional installers
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed