Trust in our kitchen wizardry

Granite Transformations Nottingham has both the experience and kitchen enhancing products needed to make you proud of your kitchen again. Whether you’re after a full overhaul of the space or just looking to update some of its key features, we can have the job done in a matter of hours.

A successful kitchen redesign will also likely improve the resale value of your home, so it’s something definitely worth investing in.

We have made a conscious effort to produce as many differently styled worktops as we can so that the tastes of all customers are satisfied. There’s something for everyone.

  • Give it that added edge

    You can differentiate a Granite Transformations worktop from any other by its slenderness. However, we have the ability to create worktops with greater thicknesses that still remain amazingly trim and light.

  • Impossibly light

    A traditional kitchen worktop is very heavy and it can be hard work transporting and fitting it. Our worktops are the complete opposite as they are what will seem impossibly light which makes installing them so easy.

    You will normally have your chosen worktop integrated into your current kitchen setup in less than a day.

  • Top notch performance

    There is no slight in performance despite the amazingly lightweight nature of our worktops. They can withstand lots of pressure and wear and tear. Credit for that has to go to the high-grade polyester that we put into each worktop as it helps to give them their strength and resilience.

    We want you to be as confident as we are about our work surfaces, that’s why they come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.