There’s nowhere we can’t transform

Most people know Granite Transformations Nottingham for transforming kitchens and bathrooms, but our products work just as well in other locations. We have regularly been appointed for projects in various other internal and external spaces.

For instance, we have experience in creating designer work spaces for those who need somewhere to work away from the office. Once we have handled these types of undertakings, recipients often find that their productivity levels rise.

  • Weigh virtually nothing

    Keeping our worktops extremely light means that they can be fitted into yachts, caravans, canal boats and motorhomes and won’t disrupt their performance. They can also be incorporated into conservatories, treehouses and workshops with similar success.t.

  • Elegance personified

    We have a very creative workforce which explains why our worktops are so fashionable and highly sought after. When they come into contact with natural and artificial light they will sparkle right before your eyes. They will also give your home a new-found energy that will be felt for years to come.

  • A highly skilled team

    Everyone who works at Granite Transformations Nottingham is a dedicated professional who is passionate about developing makeover products that will lift your home to new heights. You will note their professionalism when you invite a consultant into your home or pay a visit to our showroom.